Ratargul swamp forest is look like a part of Amazon at Gowainghat in Bangladesh

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Ratargul swamp forest is an awesome tourists place in Bangladesh. a massive forest in wetland. A lots of inundated timber are status there in roas. This woodland is so dense that even the sunlight can't enter the inner aspect of the woodland via the leaves to the touch the water. many people know as an amazon of Bangladesh. Locally the wetland is called the Sundarban of Bangladesh. Numerous wild animals and birds live there all season is the best time.

If you want to more enjoy the Ratargul beauty properly, you must go to deeper, the higher the density of trees. In many places sunlight doesn't enter. if it doesn't rain one or two days, the water becomes very clear. At that time the reflection of green forest looks like another forest under that forest, while visiting.

Ratargul swamp forest is look like a part of  Amazon at Gowainghat  in Bangladesh
     Journey by boat is an extra enjoyment to the visitors

There are many various types of birds. those're singing son various time right here. Such as Heron, Dove, Crane, Kingfisher, Water fowl, Folktailed shrike, Teal etc and There're many kinds of animals Those,re Otter, Squirrel, Mechobagh, Monkey etc. Various kinds of Reptile and Snakes are also available here. In 1973, Forest department of Bangladesh declared this forest area as Sanctuary for Wild life.

Ratargul is about 26 kilometers from Sylhet. The forest is situated at Guainghat Upozil in Sylhet district, is Sylhet range-2 under Sylhet forest department. There is a wetland which area is a about 25 acres. In the wetland, Ratargul forest is in 4 acres. At the time of rainy season the whole wetland goes under water and in winter it almost dry up.

Ratargul swamp forest is look like a part of  Amazon at Gowainghat  in Bangladesh

                                                               Local Guide Reviews from Google

'' It's a swamp forest, inside the forest it's awesome. Especially in the evening the silence of the forest is very enjoyable. you will find yourself in another world. you have to hired a boat to go inside the forest. July to September is best time to visit. ''
                                                                                                                                           Shjib Ghosh

" Best just Purely best. Bangladeshi Amazon, absolute beauty, exotic view of nature. You will see every single detail of this wonderful swamp forest with riding on a boat. Best best. "
                                                                                                                                  Faiyaz bin yousuf

'' World largest swamp forest is beautiful and quiet place. Visitors should go there in July. But whole year visitors can visit there. this place is safe. ''
                                                                                                                                                 Joy Park 

If you don't want to miss the beautiful tourists spot, Don't worry! You need to come to Bangladesh firstly. There're two international Airport Dhaka and Chittagong, and domestic airport in Sylhet. So, you may come to Sylhet, Bangladesh directly from Dhaka and Chittagong by air. From Dhaka and Chittagong to Sylhet AC and nonAC many kinds of buses are so available, also train.
Sylhet is also well connected with other major cities by road and railway.

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