Kantaji Temple -The fabulous terracotta embellishment is a symbol of memorable love

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Kantaji temple known as a Kantajew temple at kantangar is medieval hindu temple in Dinajpur Bangladesh. It's about 12 miles north of Dinajpur town and about a mile west of Dinajpur Tetulia highway across the dhep river.
The Kantaji temple is one of the most magnificent religious edifices.
This beautiful temple is dedicated to krishna and his wife RukminK. It's a symbol of memorable love.
It has gained eminence as an outstanding monument in Bengal for it's fabulous terracotta embellishment.

The confusion about the date of its construction can be settled from the record of a chronogram in the sanskrit stone inscription, fixed on the northeast corner plinth of the temple. Maharaja prannath of Dinajpur began its construction about 1722.
His adopted son Maharaja Ramnath completed it in shakera 1674.
The temple was built in a navaratna (nine spire) style. The nine spires all were destroyed in an earthquake that took place in 1897.
In the early 20th century maharaja girjanath Bahadur restored it substanliatly except for the missing nine spires.

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