Cox's Bazar beach is the top tourist destination in the World

     Cox's Bazar Sea

That located at Cox's Bazar in Chittagong. also situated alongside of the Bay of Bangal. beside the India Ocean.
Cox's Bazar Sea beach is the longest sea beach, Its 120 km long. The beach tourist season is october to mach .
The part of the 120 km beach is named differently having diversified Flora & Founa. It starts with Laboni, & Sughanda beach. Within the Cox's Bazar region on 1km South is known as Himchari beach, 30km fur known as Ini beach and more 70 km off is the Teknaf beach thigs should be quieter here, but still expect to draw great attention.
Cox's bazar located about 150 km. South of Chittagong city. It's connected bouth by air and bus with the Capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka and prime port city Chittagong.
Daily non-stop filights are available and also many kinds of bus available from Chittagon and Dhaka. you may journey by plane and bus.

     The World's longest beach at Cox's Bazar in Chittagong

Surfing Cox's Bazar town though a small one, yet the same is a town of heritage. The 'Captain Cox' explored. The locality to name it on his own name.
miles of golden sand, towering cliffs.j surfing waves, colorful pagodas Buddhist. Temples and tribes delightful scafood. Really this is beautiful Cox's Bazar.
Swim inthe sea surf sandy beach but be careful about the waves and the receding stream ever, if you are good swimmer check for the 'Green Flag' haisted insted of Red Flag' at the like saving watch tower.

 Sunset Time is so popular at Cox's Bazar beach, Any single tourist never want miss the time

Drink green Coconut. Cox's Bazar is so famous for green coconut, So, don't forget it
There're lots of shops in the hotel motel zone. things made of sea ahells are very popular and also by vendors beside the beach you can also chak out  the burmese market. you may expect a lot of handicrafts. the traditional burmese dresses and fabrics are definitely interesting.
Besides that, you will find some stores which sell jewelry. you can also try some local beauty products, hand woven textile and bed sheets among many other things the est buy may be the local dry fish produce.

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